A new way to log with JPDA

Innovation.. is the name of the game.

Introducing Jylog

when logging is used only for debugging purposes, as is done in most of the java applications (excluding server side apps). It is quite tedious to write logging code in beginning and end of every method ,exception and every possible condition. More over the logs generated are so large in size that finding relevant information becomes a tedious task, more over if the program is a multi threaded one understanding logs becomes virtually a nightmare.

Jylog proposes a solution to this problem. It is the first tool of it's kind available. Although I intended to make it a full debugger currently only logger part is complete. read more..


Jylog is a JPDA based logger which extracts  information from an executing JVM at runtime.

  • Jylog does not modifies the application source or binaries.

  • Jylog Fully supports multi threading, all threads are logged separately. 

  • All thee events that are logged are time stamped.

  • It can be used with any application whether on local machine or remote machine.

  • Jylog is based on JPDA (Java platform debugger architecture) so it should be used while debugging only.


More utilities ... 

modifying class-path while working with java is  a tedious task specially if you work with console.

Here is a utility which automatically adds or removes class-path entries, by just a right click on the folder or jar file. (windows only). click here (or find it along with Jylog in sourceforge).


Technologies involved

- sun's JPDA is the platform for building debuggers in Java.
Xerces - Apache's open source Xerces project is a validating XML parser.


Jylog is hosted by sourceforge.com

Jylog at SourceForge

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